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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is the method by which the Board of Directors governs the corporation. It includes the makeup of the Board, e.g., the number of independent directors, the relationship between the Board and shareholders, e.g., the election and removal of director and the relationship between the Board and executive management, e.g., the compensation structure of management.

Corporate Governance includes holding annual and special meetings of the shareholders and Board and the control of the matters that are brought before them as may be expressed the in Articles of Incorporation and ByLaws and in policies and decisions of the Board,

Corporate Governance includes the committees of the Board and the interaction of the committees including the level of independence permitted to any committee and major Board policies such as a conflict-of-interest and audit policies.

We can advise Boards on all these matters of corporate governance and prepare amendments to articles and bylaws, resolution and corporate policies and other documents designed to define the corporate governance of a company.