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Insurance companies and bank are similar in many ways. Capital is essential. Proper underwriting of risks is a key to successful operation of both. Reserves are also key component to both, although calculated differently.  Agreements with insiders and affiliates are restricted.

We provide corporate, regulatory, transactional and litigation services to members of the insurance industry.

The firm represents clients in the formation and licensing of insurance companies in the state of domicile and foreign jurisdictions and the acquisition of insurance companies, holding companies, premium finance companies and agencies. We also represent companies with respect to corporate governance filings and holding company registration filings and other filings, and in resolving regulatory issues with the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation and other state insurance regulators that may arise out of an examination or customer complaint.  The firm represents members of the insurance industry in “industry matters” such as, reinsurance contracts, accounts current, premium finance, insolvency and receivership, as well as policy writing and coverage issues.

The firm represents insurance entities in prosecuting and defending lawsuits in court, in hearings before private and public arbitrators, and in administrative actions before the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation and the Division of Administrative Hearings.